The Story

I travelled to Mexico for the first time just before the dawn of the 21st century. For more than two months I journeyed north to south, west to east, tasting some of the most amazing food on the planet. Fresh, vibrant, fiery and nothing like the Mexican food of England back then.

Yucatan Cochinita Pibil, Mole from Oaxaca and Birria from Jalisco. Delicioso! Tacos, tostadas, quesadillas, tamales, tortas, empanadas – I loved them all.

It’s been a long journey to arrive at Punk Tacos but that time has been served well honing traditional Mexican recipes and riffing on new ideas.

I love great food and I love making great food. It’s central to my life and central to the Punk Tacos ethos. Everything at Punk Tacos is made from scratch using the freshest ingredients we can lay our hands on..

Why Punk?

Punk is about not conforming. Our menu features classic street food that you’d find in Mexico – some things should never be messed with. From that traditional Mexican foundation, we’ve also developed innovative and signature recipes which build on those great flavours.

Oh and I was raised on the Ramones, Clash, Buzzcocks etc.

¡Que Aproveche!