Schedule and Pre-Order

Where’s the taco truck?

Friday 4th August: SORRY THIS IS NOW CANCELLED Lime Cross Nursery, Herstomonceux 6pm to 8.30pm

We take pre-orders for some pop ups but not all. Pre-order is open up to one week ahead — hit the link next to the event to pre-order.

Please make sure when you order to select the correct date for pick-up from the van at your chosen location. 

You’ll be be able to select a pick-up time when you order. Depending on order flow we may also text you during the day to delay pick up by up to 15 minutes.


Important: You may receive a reminder email an hour and half before your order is ready to pick-up. Please ignore the link which shows the van address for pick up as it is most likely incorrect. Check this page for where the taco truck is.